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We help people find people, land great opportunities, and reach their full potential—all through the power of video interviews.

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180 countries

Recright is used in 180 countries worldwide, excluding Antarctica. Our reach showcases the impact of video interviews on diverse cultures and industries globally.


500+ customers

We serve more than 500 customers across the industries from manufacturing to logistics and from public sector to IT and tech. There isn’t an industry Recright wouldn’t match.


14.000 users

Well over 10 k active users takes advantage of our video interview software on a monthly basis to hire the best people in their team.

Bringing freedom to recruitment

In today’s job market, job seekers and employers struggle to connect due to limited resources, tools, and geographical barriers. Standing out in recruitment is challenging. Our aim is to eliminate these barriers, enabling people to connect, find ideal jobs, and grow personally and professionally. We aim to create a world where candidates and companies can thrive, regardless of limitations.

Our story


In 2010, the visionaries behind Bravedo saw the need to go beyond regular resumes and understand candidates better. They realized that standard CVs didn’t fully showcase an Indian developer’s potential. To address this, they came up with MobileCV, a unique tool using videos to reveal candidates’ personalities, motivations, attitudes, and language skills.


In 2012, Recruitby.net, as the company was known back then, embraced the ethos of “hire people who click,” reflecting the platform’s commitment to facilitating meaningful connections between employers and candidates. This slogan resonated then and continues to do so today.


In 2015, applicant tracking software (ATS) was introduced to streamline hiring and ensure data security compliance (e.g., later GDPR in 2018). Recright began gathering candidate feedback on video interviews, discovering positive responses and experiences. Over 300,000 candidates have provided feedback, reflecting positive experiences across various age groups.


By 2017, Recright solidified its position as an industry leader with integrations with over 20 top applicant tracking systems. The rebranding to Recright signaled a new chapter in the company’s journey, highlighting its dedication to innovation and adaptability.


In 2020-21, timed interviews were introduced to help recruiters assess candidates’ skills in scenarios mirroring real-life situations. Because of COVID-19, this new method not only transformed conventional recruitment practices but also surprisingly proved valuable in university exams, showcasing Recright’s flexibility and foresight.


In 2022, Recright obtained ISO-27001 certification, showcasing its strong focus on data security and privacy. This achievement, along with GDPR compliance from the start, confirmed Recright’s dedication to protecting candidate and customer data integrity.


The year 2023 marked a significant leap forward with the introduction of AI capabilities, empowering recruiters to ask better interview questions and make more informed hiring decisions. Additionally, Recright unveiled the beta version of its onboarding platform, signaling its ongoing commitment to enhancing the entire recruitment lifecycle.

And the story continues

As a pioneer in pre-recorded video interviews, Recright shapes the recruitment industry by offering a holistic hiring experience. By going beyond CVs and embracing innovation, Recright redefines recruitment, providing a platform for candidates to show their true selves and recruiters to make informed decisions. Join us in shaping the future of recruitment – one click at a time.

Member of Bravedo

We are a member of Bravedo – group of bold companies aiming to be the best in our respective fields. Our goal is to use our combined expertise to solve the challenges faced by businesses and society.


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