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Video Recruitment: Nearly everything you need to know

The ultimate guide to improving your hiring process with video interviews

Candidate experience: Everything you need to know

Candidate experience can make or break your reputation as an employer. Learn everything you need to know to hire and retain the best available talent.

Employer branding and recruitment: The ultimate guide

Learn how to build a strong employer brand that will help you recruit the right people for the right roles faster.

Recruiter Survey 2019

What do recruiters think of video interviews? We surveyed 133 recruiters worldwide to analyze their experience with video interviews and summarized key findings in this report!

Modern Recruitment Handbook

In many companies, recruitment is often one of the last areas that is developed in a truly innovative way. Maybe the recruitment process is working somewhat ok but it can’t exactly be called lean and fully optimised. This hands-on guide shows you what is lean recruitment and how to be more effective.

Candidate Survey 2023

Discover what over 34,000 candidates had to say about their experience and views on video interviews as a recruitment method. We wanted to know. So, we asked. And over 34,000 candidates across the world answered.


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