Recright pre-recorded video interviews

Our tool helps you and your hiring team speed up and simplify the entire hiring process and empowers you to hire the right people.


How does it work?


Find the right match

Meet only the most suitable candidates and find the best cultural fit with videos.


More flexibility

Review and evaluate all applications at your own pace, from one place.


Save 55% of your time

Screen candidates efficiently and focus on the profiles that fit the role the best.

Recruit efficiently with pre-recorded video interviews

Pre-recorded video interviews streamline recruitment by allowing candidates to record responses to standardized questions at their convenience. Recruiters save time by efficiently reviewing candidates’ responses and collaborating with stakeholders to identify the best-fit candidates. Integrating these interviews with existing recruitment technology enhances efficiency and ensures a seamless hiring

JYSK uses video interviewing to build an agile retail recruitment process

We are hiring for attitude and skills. And you don’t see the attitude from a CV, or as we call it, the twinkle in the eye. We’re using Recright because you can see this very quickly and very easily through the video interview.

Jonathan Laitala HR Business Partner at JYSK

The video recruitment tool made for you


Create your own video interview

There’s no one right way to do a video interview. Our tool helps you customize your video interviewing process to fit your needs. You can opt for pre-recorded or live video interviews, provide instructions to candidates, and oversee the entire process.


Secure and dependable

Recright video interviewing tool is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and GDPR compliant. With performance monitoring and regular feature releases, you can be sure that you’re always getting the latest and safest video recruitment software available.


Streamline team collaboration

Collaborate easily with colleagues and stay informed. Our tool lets you centralize all candidates, evaluate their responses, view colleague comments, and make joint decisions with the team.



Enjoy a frictionless mobile recruiting experience. Record your video interview questions and review candidates’ responses on the go from any device, without downloading any apps.


Best support you can find

We take pride in our customer support. Our team of experienced video interview and customer care professionals is always open and available to help you and your candidates.


Integrations with 18+ ATS

Perform all video interview tasks within your current ATS. Integrating your ATS with Recright streamlines recruitment, letting you and your team focus on people rather than admin tasks.


Limit or not to limit

Depending on your needs, you can opt for a timed video interview, allowing only one take and limited preparation time after each question. It’s your choice.


29+10 languages

Recright really goes the extra mile with language options, offering 29 for candidates and 10 for recruiters.


Manage your schedule with calendar integration

A linked calendar feature lets candidates pick a time slot from your schedule for follow-up meetings.


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