Hire the right people faster with video interviews

Video interviews give you a deeper look into candidates helping you to make smarter hiring decisions beyond the CV.

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500+ organizations use Recright video interviews to make better hiring decisions


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The video interviewing tool you need

Recright offers a user-friendly tool for pre-recorded video interviews to screen candidates before live interviews. This makes it easier to identify the most promising candidates efficiently.

Why choose Recright?


Make hiring simple and save time

Simplify hiring by efficiently and objectively evaluating skills and attitude. Cut screening time by 55% – no more pre-screening calls.


Improve candidate experience – prioritize people over resumes

Improve your hiring decisions by viewing candidates as individuals, not just names on a CV.


Boost teamwork and transparency

Use pre-recorded video interviews to promote teamwork among hiring teams and boost transparency in the hiring decision process.

Volvo Cars moved away from a time-consuming screening process

The recruitment process would have required more time from more people if we weren’t using Recright.

Linda Wall Recruiter, Volvo Cars

Integrate Recright with your ATS

Review and evaluate all your applications at your own pace, from one place. We have integrations to 20+ ATS and counting.


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