Recruit with Confidence: The Basics of Pre-Recorded Video Interviews

Learn how to improve your recruitment process and hire the best talent more efficiently. Discover the benefits of pre-recorded video interviews, including time savings, scheduling flexibility, and a positive candidate experience.


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Are you ready to transform your recruitment process and hire top talent more efficiently and confidently than ever before? 

Watch this webinar, “Recruit with Confidence: The Basics of Pre-Recorded Video Interviews”, where we’ll equip you with the vital knowledge and skills needed to excel in modern hiring.

During this webinar, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of what pre-recorded video interviews are all about, how they function, and why recruiters should prioritize this game-changing tool.You will have the opportunity to explore the efficiency, cost savings, and superior candidate experience that pre-recorded video interviews can offer.

Our industry experts Anni Keloharju, Customer Success Lead, and Miikka Tuomola, Chief Revenue Officer have +300 customers and more than a decade’s worth of experience on whywhen, and how to take advantage of pre-recorded video interviews – they are here to answer all your burning questions 🔥 🔥

Who should watch ➡️ HR professionals, recruiters, talent acquisition managers, hiring managers, and anyone involved in the recruitment process.

In this webinar

You’ll learn how to

  • Save time and allow recruiters to screen multiple candidates quickly
  • Make scheduling flexible and reduce scheduling conflicts
  • Enable collaborative decision-making within the hiring team

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Anni Keloharju

Customer Success Lead, Recright

Anni is a seasoned customer success lead with a decade of experience in tech companies. With her unique talent for understanding customer needs, she’s committed to improving the customer experience and helping customers achieve their goals. Her strong passion for learning and can-do attitude means she’s always seeking new opportunities to learn and challenge herself.

Miikka Tuomola

CRO, Recright

Miikka Tuomola has spent over 7 years in the HR tech industry, with a focus on video recruitment. His expertise has helped numerous organizations to elevate their recruitment processes by incorporating videos into their strategies. As a CRO of Recright, he continues to inspire and empower others to embrace innovative approaches to recruitment.