3 video interview best practices for employers

Want to learn how to make the most of video interviews with Recright’s platform? Check out our three video interview best practices here!

Jan Söderström

The fact that you have included video interviews as a part of your recruitment process is great. But what really matters – when it comes to candidate experience – is how you do it. If you are new to video recruitment, we recommend you to read this first. Here are three best practices, related to actual feedback we have received:

1. Set the tone for the interview


”Video interview was a smart and cost-effective way to complete the first round of the selection process and this saves time and resources for both parties. *******’s style to present the questions was positive, not too serious or official – viewing her videos left me with a positive feeling and gave me a good point where to start with my own answers! A+ for video interviews from me!



As can be seen, your example sets the tone for the whole interview, so pay attention to it. Think through how you want to present yourself – it can have a huge impact on the candidate’s experience and your employer brand. If you want candidates to be relaxed – be relaxed in your own videos. If you want them to be official, be official yourself. Very simple.

2. Start with a introduction video

Greet your candidates with a short introduction video! Introduce yourself and the company, thank your applicants for their interest for the job, and congratulate them for making this far in the progress. Explain them how the interview process will go, tell them what to expect and wish them luck in the interview!

3. State your questions and give clear instructions

This also has a huge impact on the candidate’s experience. Make sure your questions are understandable and specific, and remember to tell your candidates about the desired length of the answers. Otherwise you’ll get feedback like this:


 ”Answering to a video interview felt a bit strange and ”stiff”. (..) Interviewer’s questions were a bit vague (..) According to the videos the interviewer felt distant, and that led me feeling very distant as well.” 

”Was there a time limit for my answers?”

 With vague questions you’ll get vague answers. If that’s not what you want, think your questions through one more time before inviting candidates. 

Considering the time aspect – we haven’t set a certain time limit for the answers, it’s up to recruiter to state that. Don’t forget to do it. We recommend maximum 2 minute answers. 

Video interviews help you stand out as an employer

The headline says it all. So does the feedback we have received:


”I must say I have never answered questions in this matter for a job interview but it helps you think more about this type of company, and how they stand out above other companies.”

”That was a really unique way of interviewing! It really got very excited about working with ****! I look forward to many more type of these exercises”

”Awesome interview process. I loved having an opportunity to take part in this. Thank you!”

These practices should help you make the most out of your video interviewing process, resulting in more effective recruitment and better overall candidate experience. For more tips, check out our guides here!