Attract right-fit candidates by creating a company culture video

An employee fitting for a team is a vital part of a well operating company and its inner culture. But how to attract them with videos?

Miikka Tuomola

An employee fitting for a team – whether a new or an existing one – is a vital part of a well operating company and its inner culture. When the right skills meet the right needs, things run easily without any unnecessary problems or delays. An employee that’s the best for a team has both the professional qualities and skills, as well as personality, which will support the already existing company culture. In short, they represent your company’s values and aims, operating as a perfect example of how work gets efficiently done in your company.

When the team consists of the right professionals, it operates efficiently, openly and it’s also well motivated. Good working environment, where everyone has the role most fitting for them in an environment also most fitting for them, promotes well-being at work. While well-being brings greater profits and sales for the company. The costs of sick employees are enormous; for example, in The United Kingdom employees’ mental health problems alone cost £70 billion per year (Source: Business in the community). In Finland, the overall cost of the disrespected importance of well-being at work is €25 billion per year.

A motivated team spreads positive vibes all the way down to the customer level, giving your customers an overall positive image of your company. These positive mental images together with a motivated, right kind of staff are the cornerstones in achieving global success stories.

But how to find and catch the best people to become a part of your team? It’s very simple; be open, honest and present. These three main points help you to convey a positive impression of your company and create an open company culture, which also helps you to lure in the high-level professionals. These are the key factors in how to generate interest amongst the employees you seek to recruit the most. They want to know what is it like to work for your company and what kind of skills do you value.

An open, honest video takes you to the goal

An excellent and easy way to openly show your company culture and simultaneously strengthen the positive mental image in the targeted job candidates, is to make a company presentation in a video format. Your company video doesn’t have to be the boring educational clip we used to watch at school, but you can take a simple and easy approach to it. For example, you can show what a normal day at work is like in your company with a live video recording from your office via computer’s web camera (and keep this up during the recruiting process). If a live video isn’t an option in your company, you can make a recording otherwise; interview your staff, take notes of a regular working day, show areas of responsibility, underline your values, and show the physical environment where the new recruits would work in (like your office, meeting rooms, views from the window ect.) Naturality and honestly are the key factors in the video; otherwise only your imagination is the limit. 

Some examples of how to build a positive employer brand with a video:
1. Live airing from your office
2. An introduction video of your operations
3. A video interview regarding the open position

Find more tips about making an employer branding video here.

Your honest message is the key to attract the right people

When you send out an honest message of your company, you will attract interest from the right people. This way the both of you will get what you want, and the co-operation will be just as expected, fulfilling the needs of both parties. Recruiting faceless workers into a faceless company with a faceless job advertisement is a method long gone. In the modern world, the winners will be those who can be open with their operations, and who manage to evoke positive reactions towards their company culture and employer brand.  The ability to bring out positive feelings in possible employees is especially effective and important because now – and in the nearby future – the majority of the workforce will consist of the Millennials; those born between the years 1980-2000. This generation isn’t happy just with a steady job with a steady salary, but they want to work for an employer who is fair, open, friendly and respectful to their employees and customers. Those who understand this, and know how to get this message out, will find the best of the best in their team before others.

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