Recright welcomes Jussi Luhtasela as the new CEO

Jussi Luhtasela has been appointed as Recright’s new CEO. Jussi has extensive experience in online business previously at Finnair and Google.

Jan Söderström

We are super proud and excited to announce that Recright’s Board of Directors has appointed Jussi Luhtasela as our new CEO starting from the 27th of April 2020. The whole Recright team warmly welcomes Jussi to the band!


JussiJussi Luhtasela | Recright


We’re off to a flying start since Jussi has already used our product in his previous positions and is a self-professed fan of our platform!



“I have used the Recight platform in multiple recruitment processes and have experienced the efficiencies and time-savings brought by video interviews. I’m honored and excited about this opportunity to join the talented Recright team in their next chapter. The product is mature enough for true international upscaling, and that is what we will focus on, while still continuing to develop the core product to even better serve the needs of our customers and their candidates.”

—Jussi Luhtasela, CEO, Recright



“We are very happy to have Jussi join the Recright team to scale up and internationalize the business. The ongoing transformation of recruitment is speeding up due to a number of reasons. In that development, Recright is well-positioned to serve both modern and more traditional organizations.” 

—Iikka Lindroos, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Recright


“The ongoing worldwide health crisis forces companies to rethink and digitalize the way they run their business, including recruiting. For example, apart from one individual, I didn’t meet anyone from the Recright board or the team in-person during the CEO hiring process” Jussi continues.


“We see that video interviewing is on its way of becoming the new normal and that the Recright solution can be a key tool for HR organizations in this transformation,  giving companies the ability to keep the required healthy distance to their candidates without losing the personal, in-depth understanding you can only gain by meeting the candidates. And with Recright, you are able to do this at scale, even when recruiting hundreds of people.”


Prior to this role, Jussi has worked at Finnair, the largest Finnish airline, where he led the extensive digital transformation of the 96-year old company. Most recently, he was in charge of the digital customer experience development, covering, Finnair iOS & Android apps, Nordic Sky Wifi portal, and the Inflight Entertainment system. Finnair is one of the largest eCommerce & online service companies in Finland, and building a world-class online retailing “engine” is core to its future success. Prior to Finnair, Jussi was with Google for six years, working with a diverse set of media, gaming, advertising, and technology companies on topics such as eCommerce, online monetization, digital strategies, etc. 


Enabling fully remote hiring

In the face of the current coronavirus pandemic, almost all recruiting has become remote, and more and more organizations are turning to video interviewing. Our live interviews together with pre-recorded video interviews enable organizations to carry out job interviews safely, and successfully hire people for executive positions, including CEOs, entirely remotely.


The benefits of a pre-recorded interview are that it is not tied to any specific time or location and that the interview questions can be standardized to test core skills, such as language or verbal presentation skills. Pre-recorded video interviews are also a very effective tool in managing a large number of candidates. Many candidates have expressed that they find video interviewing as a modern and convenient way to apply for a job.


Video interviewing is growing in popularity


Already before the current health crisis and the subsequent forced work-from-home policies, video interviewing has become an increasingly popular recruiting method. According to the Universum’s Employer Branding Now report, approximately two-thirds of the most attractive employers are using video as a part of their interview process. The Recright interview platform is used today by companies such as Netflix, Uber, JYSK, Finnair, Volvo, ABB, K Group, S-Group, Neste, KPMG, and Metso. 


The Recright solution is built in Finland, and we have already built an international customer base. Our next step will be to accelerate this internationalization and scale up the business to reach even larger global audiences. 


Recright is a modern video recruiting platform that helps organizations make their recruiting processes more efficient with pre-recorded and live video interviews. The main owners of the company are Bravedo Oy and Reaktor Ventures Oy.

To test how Recright video recruitment platform works, you can now try it free for  days (no credit card needed).