Recright x Recruitee: Improving Your Recruiter Experience

Read how our new integration with Recruitee ATS and Recright’s video interviews significantly improves you recruiter experience.

Jan Söderström

Screening tens, even hundreds of candidates is a challenging and time-consuming task. On top of that, as your talent pool expands and more people get involved in making the final hiring decision, you need to keep your candidate data organized and communicate the process efficiently with your colleagues. A comprehensive recruitment software could be the ultimate solution for these and many other recruiting problems you face.

In July, we partnered up with Recruitee, an applicant tracking system (ATS) company focused on collaborative hiring and more effective candidate screening. Their intuitive UX is easy to navigate and it allows building custom pipelines, attracting and sourcing top talent, evaluating candidates, and hiring your future team members.

How does the Recright and Recruitee integration help improve your recruiter experience?

Recruitee’s benefits combined with Recright video interviews can make your recruitment process more efficient and stress-free. Let’s explore four ways the Recright and Recruitee integration can make your recruiters’ lives easier.

Applicant screening done faster and more efficiently

How much time do you spend on evaluating one candidate? If your answer is more than 30 minutes, then this section is for you.

The fusion of Recright’s video recruitment software and Recruitee’s applicant tracking system enables you to create a better and more streamlined candidate journey.

Got hundreds of resumes to go through? Use Recruitee’s automated resume screening to sort out the best candidates based on specific criteria. To help you narrow the candidate list down even further there are even more sorting features like Boolean search.

With the video interviews provided by Recright, you can cut down the candidate screening time by at least 50%. It takes 5 minutes on average to review the candidate’s pre-recorded answers. You will have a much clearer understanding of whether you want to proceed with the candidate.

See how much you can save with pre-recorded video interviews  by using our ROI Calculator

If you save half an hour per candidate with video interviews when screening 10,000 applicants a year, that’s 5,000 hours saved per year and roughly €0.5M saved annually! In addition, making sure you only invite the best candidates for the live video interviews or in-person interviews also saves you a lot of unnecessary costs involved in organizing each meeting.

Better communication with your team

Internally, there are many ways for you to exchange all the relevant information with your colleagues. Thanks to the integration functionality, almost every feature you would use within Recright is automatically available in your Recruitee dashboard.

For example, you can score, rate, leave comments under applications, and view ratings and comments from your colleagues, which significantly enhances the communication within your team. If you normally discuss these details over email or Slack, the ATS serves as a good alternative and an even greater support tool for your existing communication channels.

Create a great candidate experience

Positive candidate experience goes hand-in-hand with the following:

    • Maintaining a strong employer brand;
    • Reducing candidate withdrawal from the process;
    • Increasing the probability that the candidate accepts the offered role;
    • Reducing time per hire.

A combination of all four is what makes you a successful recruiter. Yet it is often rather challenging to keep track of all the aspects of the recruitment process.

The integration between Recright and Recruitee helps you set clear goals and expectations while providing all the necessary tools to measure the results.

Send application status updates in one simple step

The integration helps you ensure smooth candidate communication: you can send automated video or text responses to the applicants to keep everyone informed throughout the hiring process without the extra hassle. To change the status, e.g., from in review to invite to the personal interview, simply drag and drop the candidate across the funnel.

Learn what your candidates think of your hiring process

Did you know that 78% of job seekers report they have never been asked for any feedback from their application experience? Yet, the candidates are the best source of truth if you aim to make your candidate experience better.

Utilize Feedback surveys that help you measure the quality and effectiveness of the hiring process. Include questions like “How would you rate the recruiter’s responsiveness?” or add a comment box for the candidates to give you qualitative feedback. The answers you get will help further improve the candidate experience.

Use pre-recorded video interviews

Job seekers often have to go through a lengthy application process. With the pandemic hitting the job market, it is no longer possible to rely on personal connections when meeting in person. However, one of the ways your candidate experience can benefit from the integration is by using pre-recorded video interviews.

When setting up the interview questions, you can select how many times, if limited, the applicant can re-record their video answers. With multiple attempts, available job candidates have more room for creativity and can record their videos again in case of bloopers.

As a direct consequence, candidates will enjoy a much smoother experience. According to the Candidate Survey, 84% of candidates said that they would recommend video interviews as a recruitment tool.

How does the integrated software benefit you? You will no longer need to spend hours trying to schedule an interview with every single person applying for the job. Send your pre-recorded video questions with one click straight from Recruitee and spend only 5 minutes per candidate reviewing the answers.

Keep your data organized in one place

You no longer need to scroll through hundreds of email applications or go through excel sheets. Store all information related to your recruitment processes in one system that is accessible for you and your colleagues at all times.

With Recruitee integrated, you are also able to leverage the benefits of advanced analytics. Track the specific sources your applicants are coming from and determine which sources have the best results.

Use Recruitee’s reporting system to analyze the average time per hire for any specific job or department. Knowing how long it takes to recruit a candidate can give you many useful insights. For example, if the process takes too long, it’s a sign that something in the process isn’t working optimally and could be contributing to a negative candidate experience.

How the Recright x Recruitee integration works

Here’s how the integration works from a user’s perspective.

And you are all set!

For more information on how to set up the integration, visit our support page.

If you are already a Recruitee customer and want to integrate it with Recright, follow the instructions via this link.