Slush in +30°C

Head of Slush Singapore, Anna Ratala tells on video about how Recright video recruitment platform is perceived in Singapore.

Miikka Tuomola

Have you ever seen Slush in +30 degrees? This can be witnessed in Singapore again next September, as Slush kicks in the doors for the third time in this sizzling city! 


Anna Ratala, the Head of Slush Singapore, must have heard quite many pitches and stories about awesomeness and innovation. We went to visit her and asked how she had taken Recright in use for recruiting multiple leading roles. See Anna’s comments in video below:



Slush brand has always been creative, innovative and non-conservative. So why not take the same topics to their recruitment project? Anna Ratala decided to do that in Singapore.


The new approach with videos has gathered a lot of positive buzz and feedback from candidates and business peers. At the same time, application quality has gotten a lot better, when candidates really put a bit of effort to the application through replying to a couple of video questions.


We definitely will be using Recright for our future recruitments as well – first to volunteer process, and then to other hires as well., says Anna.