The power of video interviews in recruitment

Video interviews in recruitment are proven to increase the efficiency of the hiring process for recruiters and candidate experience for applicants.

Jan Söderström

For a growing number of organizations video interviewing has proven to be a great differentiator and a way to enhance one’s recruitment process, improve team collaboration, and build an employer brand.

According to Universum’s Employer Branding NOW report, video interviewing remains a top tech choice for companies in 2019. 58% of the World’s Most Attractive Employers (WMAEs) are already using the technology. While the adoption of video interview technology is increasing overall, it’s interesting to know what candidates and recruiters truly think about video interviews.

Candidates’ take on video interviewing

Based on a rolling candidate survey since 2015 by Recright and its pool of over 100,000 respondents, candidates truly embrace video interviews in recruitment.

According to our Candidate Survey, candidates have a positive attitude towards the method.

82.4% of candidates are very or somewhat satisfied with video interviews as part of the recruitment process (see chart below).


84% of candidates recommend video interviews as a recruitment method (see chart below).


Here is some analysis, from direct questions to candidates, on how much time it takes to answer a video interview and how many retakes candidates perform on average per video question.

Over half of the candidates spend less than 40 minutes to answer a video interview and over 20% did it under 20 minutes (see chart below).


75% of candidates recorded less than 5 takes per video question and interestingly 12% nailed it with one go (see chart below).


The case for conducting early phase interviews from the candidates’ point of view is apparent.

Improving recruiters’ work performance

It’s equally important to analyse the results coming from recruiters’ point of view.

According to our Recruiter Survey, 89% of recruiters are satisfied with video interviews as a recruitment method (see the chart below).


81% of recruiters said that using video interviews in recruitment improves their overall work performance (see the chart below).


This is a clear indication that video interviewing is a true time-saver. And as we all know, time is money.

Some recruiters even mentioned reducing their time-to-hire by 55% in some cases. Based on our survey data, we calculated that going through 15 candidates by phone takes about 7,5 hours (excluding scheduling) while by video interview, takes 45-75 minutes.

63.8% of recruiters spend 5 minutes or less recording one video question, 24% claim they spend less than 3 minutes recording a video interview question (see chart below).

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91% of recruiters say that a video answer shouldn’t exceed 2 minutes (see chart below).


The first-hand experience speaks for itself

Our customers’ success stories show that adopting video interviewing speeds up the screening process. Specifically, recruiters feel that, on average, the first 20 minutes of an interview are a repetition of a previous conversation. By using video screening, the duplication is eliminated.

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This post was co-written with Recruiting Brainfood.

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