What do our customers think about us?

Every year we conduct a Recruiter Survey to answer some common questions among video interview users.

Miikka Tuomola

Every year, we conduct a Recruiter Survey to help our customers share their experiences with us. We use the data to provide relevant information and answers to some of the most common questions among video interview users. Some of these answers can be found in my earlier post here. You can also read about our customer stories and references here.

In my previous post, I shed some light on the common questions we’ve heard from you regarding the interview process. In this post, I will introduce data regarding the respondents’ user experiences. We received responses from 133 recruiters.

Each respondent was asked whether they agree with the following three statements. The respondents rated the statements on a scale from one to seven, one meaning that they ”strongly disagree”, four ”moderately agree” and seven ”strongly agree” with the statement.

Statement 1: Recright’s video interview platform is easy to use

Our customers handle big masses of candidates, so our goal is to keep things simple and clean. It’s important that everything works seamlessly and that new users catch up quickly. According to the survey results, we have succeeded fairly well, though room for minor improvements still exists. Here are the results:


According to 90.2% of recruiters, our video tool is easy to use, 33.1% of recruiters find our tool extremely easy to use. 17.3% of the respondents thought that our tool is moderately easy to use. The average rating was 5.9.

Statement 2: Recright provides features that meet my requirements

88.7% of the respondents agreed with the statement above. These answers were on a scale from five to seven, where six had the largest share at 45.1%. 18.8% strongly agreed that Recright’s features meet their requirements. The average rating was 5.6 out of 7.


Only 3.1% of the total share of the responses were mildly or somewhat disagreeing with the statement. None of the respondents strongly disagreed.

Statement 3: Recright helps me to improve my work performance

We believe that the main benefit our tool provides its users is an enhanced work performance in the form of saved time and an increased flow of information. Again, positive experiences dominated the results, but some room for improvement was found here as well.

The average answer for this statement was 5.4, where 81.2% agreed with the statement above and 14.3% said that our user experience is extremely good.


Of course, the benefits of our tool also depend on the complete recruiting process. If you use video interviews as a substitute to some part of the recruiting process, for example, phone screenings, the time savings will be bigger than if you add video interviews as an additional stage. Still, using video interviews allows you to interview fewer candidates personally, which leads to time savings anyway. You can read more about the time savings our tool provides here.

User experience

We also asked our recruiters to rate their user experience. Here again, we used the same scale of one to seven, where one equaled very low and seven very high. On average the recruiters’ user experience was 5.8 out of 7.


The average answer for this statement was 5.7, where 91% agreed with the statement above and 20.3% said that our user experience is extremely good.

Lastly, we asked our respondents to share their thoughts:

The stage is yours – please provide whatever comments you would like to share with us. We value even the smallest piece of feedback.


”Using Recright was a really positive experience and made it easy to manage the process and also saved time. I asked the candidates how they felt about the video interview and even their feedback was encouraging. I would believe that I use Recright in even more creative ways in the future if there’s a need to recruit/search for people.”

”We have managed to hire good people using the system. Face to face meeting gives very similar impression on the candidate as the Recright has already given.”

”Recright has had couple of problems in user experience, but most of them (if not all) have been taken care of already.”

”Recright has helped us for Video Screening as well if Interviewers are from different time zones”

”Your Help Desk are very very good – they always answer queries quickly with answers that I can follow .”

”Great product that helps recruitment a lot.”

”This was my first time using this kind of tool and was a very positive experience”

”Easy to use tool which enables fast view for many candidates and makes it easier to select applicants for F2F -interview. Possibility for comments and rating is advantage.”

Do you want to know more?

Download the Recruiter Survey here, and if you want to know more, you can contact us at sales@recright.com.