All you need to know when choosing your recruitment and HR SaaS tools

This webinar provides you with concrete advice on how to avoid the most common mistakes and useful tips on how to get started with your brand new SaaS tool as smoothly and safely as possible.


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The vast majority of modern HR and recruitment tools are SaaS and cloud-hosted. These tools are quick to implement, often easy to use and on a constant flow releasing new features.

As attractive and powerful as these tools are, there are aspects you should be aware of when investing in a SaaS product for your business. Especially when we talk about HR and recruitment-related tools that usually contain some kind of sensitive information about your employees or candidates.

Watch the webinar recording of our CEO, Jussi Luhtasela, and Fraktal CEO, Jani Kallio, to learn everything you need to know when deciding on an HR/recruitment tech tool. Jussi and Jani will navigate you through the rocky waters and share tips from their vast industry experience on making the process as smooth as possible.

This webinar is perfect for you if you are in the process of getting started with a new HR/recruitment tech tool or you’re planning to do so in the near future. The session is super informative not just for you—HR and recruitment professionals and decision-makers—but also for your colleagues in IT and procurement who are supporting you on this journey. So why not join this webinar together and make your project more secure and enjoyable.

In this webinar

We’ll provide you with concrete advice on how to avoid the most common mistakes when choosing a SaaS-based HR/recruitment tool.

  • Checklist of questions you should get answers for in terms of data security
  • Clear definition of what is your role as a data controller vs processor
  • What are data controller’s vs. processor’s responsibilities
  • What information security audits or certifications you would expect from a vendor
  • What makes a good contract and a data-processing agreement (DPA)
  • BONUS: 7 useful tips on how to get started with your brand new tool as confident and smooth as possible

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Jani Kallio

CEO, Fraktal

Jani is a strategic-level adviser. Since the late 1990s he has worked in cyber security, started his career as a hacker-hunter in law enforcement, then in international leadership positions in several sectors including telcos, financial services and consulting. He supports C-suite and Boards in governance, risk, compliance as well as in cyber/risk leadership and management.

Jussi Luhtasela

CEO, Recright

Jussi has more than 15 years of online business experience and has a strong analytical background. Before joining Recright, he worked at Finnair for three years where he led the extensive digital transformation of the company. Prior to that, Jussi worked at Google for six years.