5 Hiring Biases And How to Deal With Them

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the most common hiring biases from the perspective of neuroscience and practical ways to deal with them.


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The harsh truth is that bias still exists in many forms, heavily influencing recruiting decisions and often going unnoticed.

Age, ethnicity, gender, and even your weight are all triggers for conscious and unconscious bias towards the candidates. Your implicit bias not only repels the right candidates from applying and prevents them from getting hired but also can lead to poor hiring decisions and tarnishing your company’s employer brand and reputation. What can you do about it?

Sign up for our webinar with Linnea Bywall, Head of People & Operations at Alval Labs and a licensed psychologist, to learn about hiring biases from the perspective of the neuroscience. We’ll also provide practical tips on how to deal with the most common biases that happen in recruitment.

This webinar is perfect for you if:
1) you work in HR & recruitment
2) you are passionate about DE&I and understand the benefits of it
3) you are looking to bring those bias-reducing practices to your workplace

In this webinar

We’ll talk about different hiring biases, the neuroscience behind them, as well as discuss possible ways to deal with them:

  • Human brain & neuroscience behind hiring bias
  • Statistics on the prevalence of hiring bias
  • 5 hiring biases. What are they?
  • How to overcome your biases and make better hiring decisions


Linnea Bywall

Lic. Psychologist, Head of People at Alva Labs

Linnea has during the last 10 years worked with organizational psychology and research-based techniques at her core, whether within recruitment or internal people and culture-related work. In Alva’s case, she’s been instrumental in successfully growing their employee count by 65% just in 2021. Linnea also has extensive experience in leadership development, where she’s worked closely with many large corporations in Sweden to improve their internal leadership.

Roman Pikalenko

Growth Marketer, Recright

A growth marketer by day and personal branding enthusiast by night, Roman has become highly passionate about topics of mental health and DE&I practices. With experience both in marketing and recruitment, he has a unique perspective on how both fields deal with bias and what can be improved.