How the City of Stockholm reduces their recruitment process by up to 2 weeks with automated reference checking

In this webinar, we’re discussing how the City of Stockholm revolutionized their hiring process, saved time and improved hire quality with automated reference checking.


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Are you tired of spending countless hours on traditional reference-checking methods? Learn how the City of Stockholm reduced their recruitment process by up to 2 weeks.

The City of Stockholm has made their recruitment process more efficient and secure by using digital reference-checking software Grade Refensa since August 2020. This has allowed them to focus on competence-based recruitment and reduce the risk of subjective assessments and biases.

Our guest, Karin Toll Lane, is a seasoned expert and the head of the recruitment department at the City of Stockholm, and together with her team, she handles around 15% of the city’s recruitment processes.

Karin’ll take us through their journey from piloting Refensa in 2019 to full implementation in 2020. By giving up traditional reference checks, they’ve seen significant improvements in the efficiency of the recruitment process and saved 1-2 weeks! It’s no surprise that her department also received a sky-high customer satisfaction rate of 9.57 out of 10 for the reference-checking process in the City of Stockholm.

Come join us for our upcoming webinar and discover how the City of Stockholm has made their work more efficient by using digital reference checks. We’ll also share insider tips on how you can transform your hiring process with digital reference checking.

In this webinar

You can expect discussion on topics like:

  • The critical role digital reference checking plays in modern recruitment
  • Methods for gathering accurate, meaningful insights from references
  • Strategies for using data-driven insights to make better hiring decisions
  • How to streamline your hiring process and save valuable time

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Karin toll Lane

Head of Recruitment, City of Stockholm

Experienced in people management, recruiting & selection, Business Coaching, Executive Team Development, Capability Reviews from both private and public sector. Certified in several ability tests and personality questionnaires.

Martin Heden Lindgren

Founder, Refensa

Martin Heden Lindgren is the founder of Refensa, the automated digital reference checking. The company disrupts the world of recruitment with a digitally structured reference take that saves you time and money while prioritizing the quality and security of the reference checks.

Anni Keloharju

Customer Success Lead, Recright

Anni is a seasoned customer success lead with a decade of experience in tech companies. With her unique talent for understanding customer needs, she’s committed to improving the customer experience and helping customers achieve their goals. Her strong passion for learning and can-do attitude means she’s always seeking new opportunities to learn and challenge herself.