How to recruit better retail employees with video interviews

Whether you’re hiring seasonal workers for Christmas, opening a new store, or simply looking to replace a position fast, video interviews help you quickly identify right-fit candidates. But how exactly do you conduct video interviews? Will it really save you time? How many questions should you ask candidates? How do other retail recruiters use video interviews?


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In this webinar, you’ll get expert insights on how to successfully incorporate video interviews in your retail recruitment process. Watch to learn:

  • How to use different types of pre-recorded video interviews
  • Tips and tricks for conducting video interviews
  • How to ask the right interview questions
  • What to look for in candidates’ video replies
  • Ways to streamline your screening process

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Riku Malkki

Former CEO, Recright

Riku Malkki is an experienced e-recruitment professional and former CEO of Recright. He has over 12 years of experience in the field of HR Tech. He’s an MSc in Information Systems Management and he has helped more than 200 organizations in developing their recruitment processes. He’s a firm advocate of lean methodologies and listens carefully the voice of to the customer.

Saara Saalamo

Marketing lead, Recright

Saara Saalamo is an experienced marketing leader on a mission to enable companies to grow by hiring right, even remotely–the right people, the right way, fast and efficiently with video recruitment.