How to utilize Pirate Metrics in Talent Acquisition

In this webinar, we’re discussing how you as a talent acquisition specialist can use Pirate Metrics to improve your recruitment processes


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Talent Acquisition is hard. It can get complicated quickly, especially with high volume of candidates.
You as a TA specialist, have to consider many steps in the recruitment process. Everything from marketing to interviews and boarding.
The problem is that most recruitment processes are too complex, have too many unnecessary steps, and frustrate both the candidates & recruters.
It can be as bad as losing top talent and damaging your employer brand.
Fear not. There’s a way to have an optimised recruitment flow. Something that came to us from Growth Marketing theory – Pirate Metrics
But what is it? How do you apply it in TA?
Join our webinar with Samuli Salonen, CEO & Co-Founder of TalentBeewhere we’ll cover everything from what Pirate Metrics are and how to create an action plan using them.

In this webinar:

You can expect discussion on topics like:

  • Why Pirate Metrics work in TA and what’s the background of the framework
  • How to align your recruitment & employer branding with Pirate Metrics
  • Identifying your biggest TA bottleneck with Pirate Funnel
  • Creating an action plan to fix the chosen bottlenecks


Samuli Salonen

CEO & Co-Founder, TalentBee

Samuli is the CEO & Co-Founder of TalentBee. TalentBee is a Talent Acquisition agency working with fast-growing SaaS companies. His also the host of #TalentBuzz podcast and interviews SaaS companies like Slack, HubSpot, Gong & many more about their talent acquisition. While not working, Samuli enjoys traveling, eating great food, and playing discgolf & padel.

Rémy Bertoli

Marketing & Growth Lead, Recright

Rémy is an experienced growth marketer with a background in SaaS, consulting, and non-profit He’s a Digital & Growth Consultant and a Growth Marketing Advisor for The NextGen Project