Leveraging Employee Advocacy for Business Growth

In this interactive webinar, we’re discussing how you can harness the power of employee advocacy to foster business growth.


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Unlock the Untapped Power of Your Workforce

Are you ready to tap into the true potential of your workforce?
Join us for an exclusive webinar on “Leveraging Employee Advocacy for Business Growth” and discover how empowering your employees can drive significant business growth. At Recright, we believe that a company’s most valuable asset is its people.
This webinar will provide insights, strategies, and actionable takeaways to help you harness the power of employee advocacy.
Key takeaways:

• Understand the importance and benefits of employee advocacy in today’s competitive business landscape
• Learn how to create a culture of advocacy within your organization that encourages employees to become active brand ambassadors
• Discover innovative strategies to engage and motivate employees in promoting your brand, products, and services
• Uncover the best practices for implementing an effective employee advocacy program that delivers measurable results

In today’s dynamic business environment, the power of your team extends far beyond their day-to-day tasks. They’re not just employees – they’re your greatest brand ambassadors.
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to leverage the power of your employees for business growth.

In this webinar:

You can expect discussion on topics like:

  • The Power of Employee Advocacy
  • Strategies to Foster Employee Advocacy
  • Real-Life Success Stories
  • Tools and Techniques

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Benjamin Kesler

CEO & Co-Founder, Local Glimpse

Benjamin Kesler, a Stockholm-based entrepreneur, combines his engineering background and passion for relationship-building to revolutionize employer branding. As founder of Local Glimpse since 2017, Benjamin uses authentic employee videos to enhance recruitment, onboarding and engagement for clients like SEB, Sinch and Klarna. You can find him on LinkedIn here always publishing tons of advice for TA and marketing professionals to harness the power of employee advocacy. Beyond leading Local Glimpse, he invested in Pipelabs, a Talent Acquisition engine company and mentors in the “Hire with Content Masterclass,” teaching how to attract candidates through engaging content. His unique blend of engineering acumen, marketing prowess, and commitment to authentic communication positions him as a trailblazer in HR communications.

Rémy Bertoli

Marketing & Growth Lead, Recright

Rémy Bertoli is a seasoned Marketing expert with a knack for leading teams and driving business growth through innovative strategies by combining his practical experience with strategic thinking. He spent the last 5 years working as a Growth Lead in B2B SaaS companies and have 8+ years total of experience working in Marketing. He is also working as a Digital & Growth consultant since 2019, coaching busy entrepreneurs and impact brands on building systematic growth frameworks. You can find him on LinkedIn, where he shares tips for establishing growth foundations and processes in companies of different sizes and industries.