Recruiting trends in 2023: Part 2

In this webinar, we’re joined by 3 recruitment experts from Sweden & Denmark discussing everything from social issues like remote work dilemmas to the tech stacks of modern recruiters


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Following up on a successful webinar we did in December…

 …We launched Recruiting Trends Part 2!

This year is going to bring a lot of challenges to the recruitment and business worlds. The best thing you can do is prepare ahead of it. How? By joining our webinar, of course.

Learn from 3 professional recruiters about the right tool stack, top employer branding strategies, and ways to minimize gender and any bias in your hiring process.

In this webinar, we were joined by 3 speakers:


 PS. Missed Part 1 of Recruiting Trends? Check out the recording here

In this webinar:

We’ll be covering topics such as:

  • What are the essential tools of a modern recruiter?
  • How to build a strong employer brand that lasts?
  • How can recruiters reduce gender bias in hiring?
  • Is it possible to create an unbiased recruitment process?

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Simon Werner-Zankl

CEO, Trustcruit

Founder of with 10+ years in and around HR and Talent Acquisition. Loves data & the human perspective in recruitment.

Roman Pikalenko

Growth Marketer, Recright

Shares fresh candidate perspectives as well as companies’ strategies and behaviors around building a strong employer brand. Will be the moderator of the webinar.

David Näsström

Co-owner, Refapp

After 10+ years of experience in recruiting and being responsible for the recruitment process for the largest staffing company in Sweden David wanted to develop the process step that was the most in-efficient – reference checking. Refapp has during the last 5 years disrupted this process step and now digital referencing is common in the Nordics. After opening a sales office in Dublin last spring and in Singapore last week, Refapp now is represented in 33 countries with 900+ customers.

Heidi Wassini

Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding Evangelist,

Passionate about creating a DEI-focused Talent Acquisition & authentic Employer Branding strategy that enhances candidate experience and drives the business objectives Speaker on unbiased recruitment, hypergrowth scaling, authentic employer branding, incl. CVP – Candidate Value Proposition (TM), and candidate experience.