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Future of recruitment: Key takeaways from 4 recruitment experts

Discover this year’s top recruiting trends and learn what you can do as an HR or talent acquisition specialist to excel in 2023!


Hiring under uncertainty: top 7 recruiting strategies for success

How can you better prepare for uncertainty and develop a future-proof and resilient recruitment strategy? Check out our top 7 recruiting strategies for success.


How to improve your mass hiring process & recruit the right people faster

When it comes to mass hiring, efficiency and quality are key. Improve your process and hire the right people from a huge candidate pool faster.


Why diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) matters in recruitment—and how to foster it

To take real action on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), it can’t just be an afterthought. Learn how to foster DE&I in the workplace.


Recright vs. Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams: What’s the difference?

In this post, we dispel confusion around the difference between Recright and video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.


Employer branding strategies: attracting talent in the public sector

Building an employer brand can be especially hard for public sector organizations. Get tips and ideas for improving your image and attracting talent.


5 Tips to Simplify Your Recruitment Process

How can you simplify the recruitment process to make your hiring team’s job easier? Get 5 concrete tips to make the process simpler and better organized.


Recright x Recruitee: Improving Your Recruiter Experience

Read how our new integration with Recruitee ATS and Recright’s video interviews significantly improves you recruiter experience.


5 Reasons Why Recruiters Should Use TikTok

With TikTok overtaking Google as a search platform it’s time for recruiters to start using it too. Read how you can do that and attract the candidates through TikTok


Meet the new Recright: fresh, driven, and authentic us!

We’re happy to announce that our new brand has just launched! In this blog post, you’ll learn how and why we created our new brand and what’s coming next.


6 Reasons why you should try video interviewing

These 6 simple reasons will show you why you should try video interviewing


10 Video Interview Questions Ideas

Are you new to video interviews and looking for some inspiration? Or are you an old stager and in need of some fresh video interview questions ideas?


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