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AI applications that are changing the face of recruitment

What are the different forms of AI that recruiter needs to know? This article will explain understandable how you can benefit from AI.


How to create a powerful company culture video

Making a compelling company culture video can be very hard, but it doesn’t have to be, if you follow these easy steps!


Attract right-fit candidates by creating a company culture video

An employee fitting for a team is a vital part of a well operating company and its inner culture. But how to attract them with videos?


How to strengthen your employer brand when rejecting candidates

It’s time to realize that the experience, even of unsuccessful candidates, can affect employer brand. Your rejection letter can hurt your brand or save it.


Bring out your own personality”: A candidate’s perspective on video interviewing

How asynchronous video interviewing differs from Skype interviews? Click here to read a blog from candidate’s perspective about modern recruitment process.


Can a student participate in teacher recruitment?

Read how students have participated in teacher recruitments in Havukoski school in Finland.


5 key questions to ask yourself about recruitment marketing

Most likely, you are already doing recruitment marketing to some extent, and to improve yourself further, it’s always good to ask yourself these questions.


3 video interview best practices for employers

Want to learn how to make the most of video interviews with Recright’s platform? Check out our three video interview best practices here!


5 Ways to Use Video in the Recruitment Process

Find out how you can implement videos in your recruitment process – be it for job interviews, employer branding building, or other!


How to attract and hire summer workers

Recruiting summer workers can be a tiring process that takes a lot of time and resources. But there’s a way to make it easier, with video interviews!


Video interviews and ATS Integration

Recright’s simple ATS integration enables you to seamlessly enhance your recruitment process.


A candidate’s experience with video interviews: Q&A with Juan M. Gaona from Rovio

What’s the candidate experience of video interviews? We asked Juan Gaona from Rovio to share his thoughts with us!


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