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Do video interviews increase bias?

Do video interviews increase bias? Our answer is — no, video interviews help companies reduce unconcious bias! Read the blog post to find out how.


How video interviewing helps with high-volume retail recruitment

How do video interviews help with high-volume retail recruitment? Learn why forward-thinking retailers are using video in their recruitment process.


Why CVs Are Becoming Less Relevant for Recruiters

Recruiters rely less and less on CVs to vet candidates during the hiring process. Are CVs getting out of fashion? We think yes, and here is why.


What to Look for in a Modern Recruitment System

There are many different modern recruitment platforms out there, yet most companies still use excel and emails to receive and process applications.


The State of Recruitment in Finland

Duunitori released its annual National Recruitment survey covering current practices and trends in recruitment today. Here’s our summary of the report


LGBTQ+ Workplace Discrimination and How You Can Foster Inclusivity at Work

LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion is about creating a welcoming and safe environment for all your employees, and encouraging them to be who they are.


3 Reasons Why Video Interviews Improve The Quality Of Hire

Are you thinking of ways to improve your quality of hire with HR tech? Why not consider video interviews?


Beginner’s guide to Recright

Are you new to video interviews? Here are useful video instructions on how to start using Recright video interview tool.


10 Tips from 7 Recruitment Leaders for a Powerful Employer Brand

Looking for ways to cultivate and improve your employer branding? We did the research for you and found out what 7 recruitment leaders recommend to do.


The #1 Way to Speed Up the Recruitment Process

How can you speed up your recruitment process? In this blog post, we shed light on things that slow you down and tell how you can reduce your time-to-hire!


Recruiters, This is what candidates REALLY think about video interviews

What do candidates really think of video interviews? Read our latest Candidate Survey to find out!


Recright expands to the Baltics and kicks off cooperation with BSA

Recright expands its presence to the Baltics by launching a cooperation with Baltic Sales Agency (BSA).


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